Want to work smarter, not more?

(Because freedom is kinda why you became an entrepreneur)

If so, you need to join me on my journey. I’m on a mission to make $200,000 in one year while working a max of 10 hrs/wk.

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What if they're wrong when they tell you that your first $100k comes from blood, sweat, and sheer hustle?

What if there's an easier way?

They say, "It's impossible to hustle your way to your first $1M -- and beyond."

This is the level where you learn how to delegate, build a team, work smarter...

...not harder.

But what if you got your first $100,000 in a different way?

One that didn't require late nights stressed over the laptop, money earned by sheer will.

What if you figured out how to divorce "hours worked" from "revenue earned" right away... instead of tramping the potholed, rocky "hustle harder" road that hundreds have trod before you?

Hi, I'm Laura.

For the last 6 years, I've been stuck below the 6-figure mark for a couple of reasons.

Biggest reason?

I didn't become an entrepreneur so I could live to work.

Nah, I signed up for this crazy gig to call my own shots.

To seek freedom in systems and experiments. To work so I could live...

...and then let my systems bring in that moolah while I kept livin'.

Only problem is:

While I've wanted to make 6-figures, I've never committed seriously to it.

It's been a flashy wet dream like, "What if I won the lottery? What if Harrison Ford called me up and asked me to dinner?"

This is the year where that changes.

Where I'm committing to going to $200,000 while working...

... wait for it...

... less than 10 hrs/wk.

It's gonna be a big year of failures, wins, and lessons.

You wanna join me?

I'd love to have you along for the journey.

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